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Japan Printer
Japanese title: Insatsu Zasshi
monthly. Japanese only.

The latest special issue : Data in 2014,2015
January: Printing technique to tomorrow
December:Dryness about offset printing
November:Ingenuity of printing business
October: Flexible packaging and flexo
September: Digital printing
August:Management about color
About an order from overseas

Please visit this site.
Kaigai Online : http://kaigaionline.com/magazine/ (Japanese)
Overseas life support service : https://www.ocs.co.jp/lifesupport/ (Japanese)

About an order from overseas (Direct order)

A charge is prepayment. It is a dispatch start after checking payment to the following bank account.
Please send an E-mail, if procedure is completed. And tell the receiver's address of a magazine.

One issue
1,400 yen / issue
delivery and charge price: 600 yen / issue
handling charge: 5,000 yen
Total: 7,000 yen

One year
16,800 yen / year (12 issues)
delivery and charge price: 6,000 yen / year
handling charge: 10,000 yen
Total: 32,800 yen

Bank Account: MIZUHO BANK Ginza Branch Account No. 1559 INSATSU GAKKAI SHUPPANBU LTD.

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